How do I get my veggies?
The vegetable shares start in mid June and run through October, every week for 19 weeks.
Members choose to pick up on the farm in Lyman on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30, or for delivery to the Riverbend Wellness Center in Arundel/Kennebunk (Tuesday) or to Fort Allen Park on the Eastern Prom in Portland (Wednesday).  All pick-ups happen rain or shine.  Members bring a tote bag to the site to transport their produce, and receive a newsletter, access to the trade table and the opportunity to connect with Black Kettle staff.
on farm pick up in Lyman
Is Black Kettle Farm Organic?
Yes!  All vegetables are certified organic by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and the USDA.

How many people does a Black Kettle Farm CSA share feed?
This is by far the most Frequent of the FAQ's and the toughest to answer.  Some couples completely gobble up their produce each week, cook every thing and are fresh out by the time the weekly pick-up day rolls around, some 4 member households find it ideal for their omnivorous needs, and many members freeze leftovers for their winter to extend the bounty of the growing season.   
August Bounty at Black Kettle
A share is perfect for a veggie loving couple inspired to cook most of their meals with fresh produce and is committed to the CSA concepts of eating locally and with the seasons.  It is also suitable for a family of four that eats meat, dines out a few times a month, and mostly uses veggies for side dishes.
The shares fluctuate with the growing season.  They start out with 5-7 items, heavy on the greens and salad fixings, and grow in abundance as the season progresses, sometimes with 12 or so different items.  As the season moves along, the produce gets heavier from cukes and summer squash in July, to potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots in August, to onions, winter squash, and root crops in the fall months.
Black Kettle Farm grows about 40 different crops and hundreds of varieties and no two weekly harvests are the same.  The produce is selected with CSA members in mind, in terms of diversity and usefulness, as well as health benefits, flavor and beauty.  
It is important to note that each CSA share is priced with current farmer's market prices for local produce and are tracked throughout the season to insure that members receive a fair value for their investment in the farm.  No matter how you divide it, the Black Kettle CSA share is $500 worth of delicious, fresh and extremely local produce. Typically, members receive 10% more in produce, highlighting the mutually beneficial relationship of the CSA, in which members support the farm in the off season, and the farm acknowledges this and hooks them up when the vegetables are really flowing.
To answer this very Frequently Asked Question, of "how many people does a share feed" it is best for each member household (couple, family, crew of friends) to evaluate their priorities regarding food, such as their commitment and interest in eating locally and supplementing as little as possible (tomatoes in June just don't happen in Maine), supporting the local economy (snacking on carrots from the CSA share rather then buying pretzels), and their willingness to develop new cooking skills (chard quesadillas anyone?).
It is really up to the food choices outside of the CSA made by the member household in regards to how many folks the share feeds, however, food philosophy aside and to keep it simple, a share feeds a big veggie loving, food savvy couple or a omnivorous family of four.
Member Feedback
"A share will feed a couple who cooks nightly and have hearty appetites.  If you eat smaller meals or go out 1-2 times per week, a share would feed a family with 1-2 children."

"A share will fulfill a family of 4 who cooks dinner (including a meat dish) at home 5+ days a week with plenty of veggies."

"Most of our meals are from home-we both bring leftovers or I make soup or casserole for lunches for the week.  We generally only eat out once a month." (Member of a two person household)

"...with the sheer volume of vegetables we've received, they are primarily what we eat and I've spent less overall then I would have had we not been in a CSA, and the food is way better and way better for me."

"I think it is a fabulous challenge to learn to eat locally, responding to the limitations of the season, weather and conditions.  It is not only sustainable and responsible, it's rewarding!  Once you have a taste for real fresh vegetables, the grocery store varieties become tasteless and unacceptable - so even though I miss salads in the winter, a quick look through the produce section at Hannaford's reminds me that it's very worth holding off 'till BKF can give me a real salad!"

Example Shares
Early Season:
1/2 pound arugula
1 bunch Easter Egg Radish
1 bunch greens – chard, collards or kale
1 bunch scallions
1 bunch bok choi
garlic scapes

Mid Season:
1 bunch swiss chard
1 head lettuce
1 bunch carrots
1 pound green beans
1 pound cucumbers
3 pounds tomatoes
1 pint sungold cherry tomatoes
sweet peppers

Late Season:
1/2 pound baby greens mix
1 bunch beets
1 head cabbage
2 pounds potatoes
1 pound onions
2 pounds mixed fall roots
2 heads garlic

Can I get half a share?
Black Kettle Farm does one set share of the seasons harvest at $500 for 19 weeks of produce.  If members are still curious about the CSA, know that they will be out of town a lot, or are still getting used to cooking with the season, they are more then welcome to buddy up with another individual or household to split the weekly shares.  The members collaborate on the pick ups of the veggies and split each week's produce as they see fit.  

What happens if I am out of town for a pick up?
If you know that you are going to be away for a pick up day, you are welcome to share your veggies and have a substitute pick them up for you.  The produce can also be made available at the farm and held until the Sunday after the missed pick up.  If neither of these options suits, the produce will be donated to the York County Shelter.  Regardless, if members know they are going to miss a share, they need to contact LAURA NEALE, 207-499-1093, as soon as possible so arrangements can be made and confusion can be decreased.  We harvest, wash and prepare all of the produce with great care and we do not want it to go to waste.

What if I don't like something?
Not in the mood for summer squash?  Getting overwhelmed by tomatoes?  Have a special recipe in mind that calls for lots of potatoes?  No problem, visit the trade table and swap out another item for something that better suits your needs.  One of the many beauties of CSA membership is experiencing new and different vegetables.  Try it all, even kohlrabi!  You may be very surprised about a new found favorite.  If you aren't sure what something is or how to use it, just ask.  The Black Kettle crew is a great bunch of chefs and ONLY eats what the farm grows and have lots and lots of recipes ideas for absolutely every thing.

How do I join?
To secure a spot in the CSA simply email the farm at blackkettlefarm@gmail.com to ensure that there is space available.  You will be sent an agreement form outlining the relationship between farmer and member.  Provide all contact information, choose a pick up option and a payment plan and place the form and a deposit check in the mail to:
Black Kettle Farm
1391 South Waterboro Road
Lyman, Maine, 04002.  

You're in!  Fresh, local produce awaits!

Need some more info?
Please don't hesitate to ask!
Contact the farm at:

CSA Member Testimonials
I feel good about eating your vegetables...it is direct and loving and real.  I don't feel that yucky consumerist feeling that I feel in the pit of  my stomach, like when I go to a big ol' grocery store.

I was continually impressed with the quality of the produce.

We loved knowing that our food came from a place we trusted and developing a relationship with the farmers was amazing and deepened that sense of trust.

Thanks for such clean veggies!

I really love the weekly updates and recipes.  Those are wonderful!....Thank you, it's taken a boat load of pressure off me trying to grow this stuff....

When I think of the Kettle I think of carrots. I am not sure why but that's the first thing that comes to my mind, bright orange carrots.

Kettle Farm has been a journey into new and true veggies that have helped me expand my palate and recipes. The weekly process itself has become a special event to look forward too with the unknown treats constantly evolving. I am blessed to be part of this year’s crop and feel that all of the food was grown with positive energy and love. It should be said that the clean veggies were a huge help and looked right out of a bona petite magazine which was so eye pleasing to me. Thank You for your care and love in making this possible!

CSA Shares are Available! Join the farm for the 2014 harvest season!
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