Community Supported Agriculture

19 weeks of diverse, farm fresh produce mid June through October.
Tuesday on Farm Pick Up - 4:30-6:30
Tuesday Delivery to Kennebunk 4:30-6:30
at the Riverbend Wellness Center ***
Wednesday Delivery to Portland's East End - 4:00-6:30
in Fort Allen Park

$500 for the season with manageable payment plans

Pay in full, $500 and receive a FREE tote bag
$50 deposit, $225 in March, $225 in July
$125 deposit, $125 for 3 consecutive months
***add a $50.00 delivery fee for the Kennebunk Delivery
To become a member and secure a share for the season,

The Veggies:
The share includes 40 different crops and well over 100 varieties that change over the course of the season.  See the PRODUCE page for a detailed chart of all the vegetables and approximately when they will be available.
Black Kettle Farm feeds  it's members with diverse, but very usable food.  Staples like greens, roots, salad fixings and members of the onion family, are consistent throughout the season and supplement the summer time crowd pleasures like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, and garlic and the fall favorites like broccoli, winter squash and brussels sprouts.  The Kettle sticks to the healthy and good basics and fills it's fields with produce that is familiar, accessible and identifiable for all.

The Pick Up:  
Choose on the farm in Lyman or 
Delivery to Portland or Kennebunk
Tuesdays at Black Kettle Farm, Lyman, Maine, 4:30-6:30 pm.
Poke the pigs, pet Steve the barn cat, see the veggies in action in the field!

Tuesday, for delivery to the Riverbend Wellness Center 1009 Portland Road in Arundel  from 4:30-6:30.  Plenty of parking, grab your food and go!
There is a $50 delivery fee for the season for this location.

Wednesdays at Fort Allen Park, Eastern Prom, Portland, Maine, 4:00-6:30 pm.
Walk from town, lay in the grass, gaze at the bay, do some Tai chi in the gazebo!

All members bring their own tote bags to receive their farm fresh veggies for the week.  Each share includes a newsletter with a harvest list, Black Kettle info and recipes.  There is always a trade basket available to swap an item to allow folks to customize their share and from time to time there is a choice in veggies to ensure that members are eating what they want.

The Cost :
The share price for the season is $500 and members typically receive about 10% more in produce in regards to current farmer's market prices. 

The Vibration :
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct link between a farmer, veggie eaters and a piece of land.  The relationship is simple, straight forward, bountiful and beneficial for all involved. 
Participants decide to become members of a farm and commit to supporting it by contributing up front for the produce that is yet to come.  The farmer, in turn, provides a weekly reward of fresh vegetables for the entire growing season.  The consumer eats exactly what is in season, therefore the most fresh and healthful food available.  The farm has a guaranteed market for it's produce, as well as some cash flow in the slow winter months.  Aside from these very fundamental gains of the CSA relationship, this collaborative model highlights the interconnected nature of agriculture, and humans sharing food and appreciating the abundance of the land.
Members come to realize that the flavor of tomato in the heart of the summer Maine is well worth the wait and know exactly who seeded, weeded, harvested, washed and packed every vegetable they ate for five months of the year.  They support a local, independent business, they meet new, interesting people and they contribute to the super vibrant and nationally notable agricultural scene in Maine.

Contact the farm to secure a spot for the season or for more information:
Black Kettle Farm