The Apprentice Positions have been filled for the season 2014 growing season.
Stay in touch and check back in the fall!!!!

Black Kettle Farm offers two apprenticeship positions for the 2014 growing season.  One full season position from April 15-Ocotober 31st and one summer season position from May 15-September 15.

Apprentices will have a full spectrum experience in organic vegetable production from seed to harvest to sale from the perspective of an ever expanding and ever evolving farm business. This will include expose to greenhouse practices, transplanting, tractor skills and maintenance, fencing, direct marketing through CSA, farmer's market and restaurant accounts, small scale animal husbandry and plenty of weeding.

The position includes a monthly stipend, on farm housing, endless veggies, gratifying work days and participation in a diverse and inspiring agricultural community.

Applicants should have some sort of experience with agriculture and the drive to expand their knowledge of growing food as a career.  Black Kettle Farm is a hard working, independently run business and apprentices are expected to join the fast pace and active weekly schedule that the farm dictates.  This is a physically demanding position, that is both challenging and rewarding, and can be exciting, thought provoking and amazing and as well as monotonous, buggy and exhausting.  A good match for the farm is a highly adaptable person with a positive attitude, strong work ethic, some street smarts and the ability to communicate.  Apprentices should be very intrigued by farming and growing vegetables, with a strong desire to increase their knowledge and practical skill set.  There is a lot of hustle at Black Kettle Farm, but there is always time to field questions, discuss practices and honor input from the group.  Apprenticeships are about sharing knowledge in a hands-on, active setting.  Work hard, ask questions, learn by doing.  Additional skills and experience in carpentry, mechanics and generally rolling with the punches are highly applicable and are greatly encouraged.

The work week at Black Kettle Farm is Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with an hour break for lunch, as well as rotating weekend greenhouse and animal responsibilities.  The 2014 staff includes,  Laura Neale, farm owner, Abi Griffith,  Assistant Manager,  2 apprentices, work share CSA members and WWOOF volunteers.

Black Kettle Farm, has a truly ideal location that blends rural landscapes with accessibility to amenities and  Maine's natural beauty without feeling too out there.  The farm resides in a community with a deep farming tradition, but is also in close proximity to two, small, but happening cities, Portland, ME and Portsmouth, NH, as well as the coast and the White Mountains.  It is close to a bulk food store, a gorgeous lake for dips on the daily, a coffee shop, and other organic farms.

Each apprentice is provided housing in their own private, fully equipped, private camper in the back meadow of the farm.  The campers offer an all inclusive off the grid living space and meadow living is rustic, yet comfortable and peaceful.  There is also a communal yurt with additional kitchen space, a comfy couch, a big round table and a wood burning stove.

All applicants should submit a resume highlighting related experience and a letter of intent explaining why you want to spend a full season working hard on a vegetable farm.  Please also include the contact information of three references and indicate which apprentice opportunity you are applying for.
All applicants must be 21 years of age and have a valid driver's license.  Couples, pets of any kind and kids just don't work on the farm with the housing provided.

A farm visit is extremely encouraged, if not required.
Contact Laura Neale for more information at - or 207-499-1093.